For me, this is a real “have your cake and eat it” recipe. Indulgent, creamy-richness, yet brimful of nutrients including polyphenols, anthocyanins, a wide range of essential minerals and folic acid!  I’m not a dessert girl but I’ve been “forced” to eat this for breakfast a few times this week whilst perfecting the recipe!  Instead of the chantilly you could also serve with coconut yoghurt.

75g cooked beetroot, diced

75g blueberries

1 dsp. nut butter

1 tsp acai

2 tsps. organic cocoa

Pinch salt

40g cashew nuts, very finely ground

½ tsp ground vanilla bean

1 tsp. coconut jam

1 tsp. coconut oil

For Chantilly

1 tbps. coconut cream

1 tsp. coconut jam

Pinch of ground vanilla bean

Blend together the beetroot and blueberries until smooth. Then add all other “Black-Forest” ingredients and blend until super-smooth. Spoon the mixture into sundae glasses and chill for at least a couple of hours. Just before serving, prepare the Chantilly by whipping together the coconut cream, jam and vanilla until smooth. Spoon the Chantilly on to the “Black-Forests” and decorate with extra blueberries and chocolate shavings or nibs.