Here’s a new breakfast bowl recipe that I’ve rapidly become quite addicted to.  Berry fruits are relatively low in sugar so a great choice if you are trying to cut down.  Plus blueberries are full of the antioxidant, anthocyanin, which, by the way, is not affected by freezing. So for a lovely chilled and economical summer breakfast use frozen blueberries straight from the freezer (make sure your blender can cope with frozen items though!)


30g cashew nuts
1tsp. tahini
80g frozen blueberries
30g coconut cream
1tsp. maca powder
1tbsp. almond milk
Pinch sea salt
1 dsp. flaxseeds


Add the cashew nuts to a high-speed blender and whizz until finely ground.  Then add all the remaining ingredients, except t and blend to a smooth, creamy mixture.  Get creative with your serving ideas – here are some of my favourite toppings:  pollen grains, cacao nibs, extra berries, a little lemon zest