Sugar Free & Beyond

Maybe you’ve already tried eating less or going carb-free or fasting?  And maybe some of these options have helped you shift some weight. But then, all it takes is one little treat, and the weight piles back on!

Seriously, it doesn’t have to be this way…..

And, in fact, low calorie and low carb diets could be making things worse!  Perpetual dieting can damage your future health in many ways that are not fun – hair loss, wrinkles, fractures, muscle loss, anaemia, heart-failure, depression and dementia, to name just a few.

Metabolic health and biological age are inseparable. As we age, cumulative lifestyle factors affect our metabolic function and these, in turn, influence energy, weight, body composition, and cognitive performance. When we strengthen our metabolic function, we can drastically slow age-related health decline.

Beyond Sugar Free will introduce you to a whole new approach to managing your health. Going way beyond dietary changes, this month-long programme will raise your awareness of the wider lifestyle choices and behaviours that impact our metabolism.

Combining dietary modifications with changes to your daily routine and self-care, you’ll learn how to regain control of your health and work with your body rather than against it!

Beyond Sugar Free starts with 10 days guided Sugar FREE living; this energy-boosting clean-eating plan is designed to show you how easy it can be to switch out the sugars and balance your blood glucose naturally.  You will then learn about what else affects your metabolism and how you can influence this process.

Is this for you?

Beyond Sugar FREE is  a Blood Glucose Management programme that will uplevel your thinking and empower you to manage your weight and your health differently.

Slow-creeping weight gain, especially around the middle, energy fluctuations, “brain-fog”, fatigue, irritability  and a pounding heart “for no reason” are all signs of blood glucose imbalances. You may also have noticed alcohol intolerance, bladder sensitivity and “uncontrollable” sugar cravings.  These symptoms don’t go away by themselves but often small tweaks to your diet and lifestyle can make a massive difference.  This programme will show you how easy this can be. Are you ready?