Don’t worry if your hair looks messy – you can just tie a bright scarf around it and work on your “Greta Garbo pout”!

So I’m pretty used to dietary cleanses but “lockdown” has given me the perfect opportunity to detox my hair!  Let me explain …..

I have naturally curly, dry and unruly hair; when I was growing up my Dad nick-named me “troglodyte” (baby troll don’t you know?)!  Which means that normally I rely on a ton of products and GHDs to ensure I don’t look like I’ve just been dragged out of a cave backwards!

But, I’ve figured that a new life on Zoom and walking around the block, for the umpteenth time, does not require my hair to be too neat; trust me on this, if you’re doing daily video calls, no-one can see the finer details of your hair-do.  And apparently, if you’re interested, a slash of bright lippy is all you need to look presentable so you can ditch your normal make-up too!  Oops, that’s a bit sexist, I really should make this more inclusive – guys, don’t wear the lippy but probably you don’t need to shave so often!

Keeping the spirit of inclusivity – if you don’t have hair anymore then no need to read on!  But, if you wanna know how I detoxed my hair then here goes:

  1. Triple wash your hair – I started with a scalp and hair purifying shampoo (stolen from Nik!) to deeply cleanse right down to the hair follicles. Then, I shampooed a couple more times with my regular shampoo for dry hair.
  2. Condition – if you have fine hair then you can skip this, but it is not possible for me to get a comb through my mane without a creamy conditioner. I left it on for a few minutes and then thoroughly rinsed.
  3. Towel dry – and then leave in a turban until it your hair stops dripping.
  4. Comb out – if you have short hair then simply comb it back (you could keep it off your face using a clean neck buff). If you have medium to long hair, comb, twist it into a top-knot and leave it to dry.
  5. Brush brush, brush – when your hair is dry, brush until your arms ache, using a paddle brush and trying to brush right down to your scalp. Then tie your hair up or use a wide hair band/neck buff to keep it out of your face.
  6. Do not use any products or heat-styling tools!  Don’t worry if your hair looks messy – you can just tie a bright scarf around it and work on your “Greta Garbo pout”!
  7. If you have naturally dry hair, like me, then try not to wash again for a week (I went longer, can’t possibly say how long, but still not as bad as being on climbing exped!)

Results – clean-feeling scalp and soft shiny hair that’s actually much easier to style;  I’m never going back to using so much hair product again. Lockdown silver lining!