Nutritional Therapy – A Functional Approach

Nutritional therapy seeks to identify the underlying factors driving health problems and then guide clients towards optimum wellness with the help of supportive coaching. Having trained in functional medicine, I take a client-centred approach to healthcare, looking at the whole person rather than just considering symptoms in insolation. I take time to listen to my clients, hear their histories and consider the interactions between diet, lifestyle, social, environmental and emotional factors that can influence our long-term health; this approach recognises that our wellness needs are unique and allows me to offer completely individualised support.  This approach can be particularly effective in managing complex health conditions and can work very well alongside conventional medicine.

Working with Me

The best way to begin working with me is to book an initial consultation. This may be all the help you need but, often, regular support is needed for a while; so I offer a range of nutritional packages and coaching programmes, lasting from 3 weeks to 3 months, or even longer.  My programmes are for those committed to refining their approach to wellbeing; this allows me to fully dedicate my time, energy and skills to your wellness journey. I’ll help you to envision the healthiest, most enlivened version of yourself and then guide/coach you towards this goal.  My areas of specialism are female hormonal health, gastro-intestinal health and sports nutrition.  I also have a keen interest in mental wellbeing and a deep awareness of the damaging effects of stress on all our body systems.

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heart Blood Sugar Imbalances

Diabetes & Insulin Resistance, Weight Gain, Irritability, Exhaustion, Excessive Thirst

heart Digestion

Constipation, Diarrhoea, Bloating and Flatulence, Stomach Pain, Heartburn, Nausea.

heart Energy, Stress & Mood

Excessive Tiredness, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Poor Concentration, Depression, Insomnia.

heart Hormones & Fertility

PMS, PCOS, Menopause Changes, Thyroid & Adrenal Problems, Preconception Support.

heart Immunity & Allergies

Asthma, Hay Fever, Food Intolerances, Frequent Infections, Food/Chemical Sensitivities.

heart Skin Conditions

Frequent Break-outs, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes, Rosacea, Dandruff, Dry Patches.

Nutrition Prices

The Health Architect recognises that no two clients have the same needs and so offers a range of services and different ways of working. A flexible price-structure enables clients to manage their budget and choose a way of working that will best support their specific requirements.

Initial appointment with short action plan £150
Extended Initial Appointment – recommended for more complex cases or at your request £200
Intensive 6-week support package – includes an initial appointment and 2 follow-ups £325
Interpretation of  Test Results (by phone or Zoom) £60
Ask Sarah Session – 30 minute phone or zoom call. These sessions are great if you are looking for some general nutritional advice. However, the sessions differ from an initial consultation as they don’t involve taking a case history but they can offer a route to becoming a client. £50
Additional Support – If you feel you need more help before your next appointment then the best way to communicate with me is to schedule in a phone call – I normally allow 20 minutes for these. £30
Follow-up coaching Package  £178.50
Dietary & Behavioural Change Intensive  £325.00
12-week  Hormone Rebalance Programme
12-week Gut Transformation Programme £725.00
12-week Weight-loss Intensive – private* £1,040.00

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Consultations are normally face-to-face, although Skype or “Face Time” consultations can be arranged.  Consultations normally last between 60 -75 minutes to allow time to discuss your experiences and treatment aims.  A first consultation will also include a review of:

  • Your health history
  • Past and current symptoms
  • Your diet and lifestyle
  • Your nutritional status

You will then receive a tailored programme aimed at bringing your body back into balance. You will be given lifestyle and diet recommendations to correct nutrient deficiencies and imbalances, reduce the build-up of toxins and improve your digestive health. Food supplements may also be recommended along with specific functional tests*.

Follow-up consultations are used to assess progress and make adjustments to your programme. Between consultations you will receive ongoing support to help keep you on track.

*Nutritional therapy seeks to uncover specific biochemical imbalances or deficiencies that may be the under-lying cause of your health concerns. Functional testing is sometimes recommended particularly where digestive disturbances or hormone imbalances are suspected.

Collaborative and Integrative Care

When it comes to managing your health you should be able to make the choices that you feel are right for you. At The Health Architect we believe in working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.  If you have a diagnosed medical condition but would like to optimise your overall health by following a tailored nutritional therapy programme, we suggest that you discuss this with your GP as we believe that it is vitally important that everyone involved in your healthcare is aware of the choices you are making.  Conversely, sometimes a nutritional therapy consultation can draw attention to potentially serious underlying health problems requiring medical intervention; under these circumstances we would seek your permission to liaise with your GP.

Please Note: Nutritional therapy should not be seen as a substitute for seeking medical advice. If you have a specific health concern and are unsure whether nutritional therapy can benefit you, call or email Sarah and she will let you know if she can help.

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