Contemporary Wellness

I offer a unique and contemporary approach to wellness, which will equip you to live more vibrantly, soulfully and with purpose.  My approach is a fusion of evidence-based, functional medicine, ayurveda, modern yoga and therapeutic essential oils, along with an array of self-alignment practices that work to restore harmony.

Mana or energy is the currency we all want but it cannot be “bought”! It is found most abundantly in those who know how to manage their energetic systems and understand that mental and emotional wellbeing underpins physical health.  And, it is self-awareness, not punishing self-discipline, that will guide us towards conscious choices that feed our life force and serve us best.

*mana is the spiritual life force energy or healing power, and is often measured as influence, authority, charisma, or self-alignment.

Radiantly You

I support women looking to create a deeper inner connection.  Women who want to live more intentionally, authentically and harmoniously.  This is about restoring the heart-fire, so it burns brightly again, bringing renewed vigour to both physical and mental wellbeing