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Throughout the year I teach a rolling programme of yoga classes in Cumbria.  I also offer workshops, yoga days and other special events, for students  inquisitive about the experiences that are presented to us, not only on our mat, but in every day life.  Workshops and retreats provide an opportunity to delve a little deeper and broaden your understanding of yoga.

Normally classes and most events are held at Eaglesfield Village Hall (CA13 0RN), just 2 miles from Cockermouth.

However, due to Covid-19 lockdown, my 2020 schedule has now moved to live-stream classes – these are interactive and all can be booked here

You can find full details of upcoming workshops on my Events Page.

Sarah Kekus – Yoga Teacher

Sarah has practised yoga since she was teenager. But, it was not until she started practising Ashtanga, that she really fell in love with the peace and headspace that can come from a powerful practise linking breath with continuous flowing movement.

Initially qualifying as an Ashtanga yoga teacher, she then undertook a specific “Yoga for Dancers” training and then went on to gain a “Yoga for Sport” qualification, after training with Sarah Ramsden, who coaches yoga to Manchester United and Manchester City football players.  She has also completed an intensive Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with David Swenson and, most recently, she’s completed a 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training led by Simon Park,

Sarah also regularly attends workshops and retreats led by some of the world’s most inspirational yoga teachers including Matthew Sweeney, Kino Macgregor, Alessandra Pecorella, Dany Sa, Laruga Glaser, Claire Missingham, Noelle Connolly and Julee Yew-Crijns to ensure she can bring the best of global yoga to Cumbria.

Yoga classes in Cumbria

Weekly Timetable


09:30 – 10heart.45: Liquid Flow


10.00 – 11.30heart: Private Group

18.00 – 19.30:heart Fierce Warrior Flow

19.30 – 20.45:heart Beginners Courses


heart18.30 – 19.45: Liquid Flow 


heart09.30 – 10.45: Sculpt & Flow 

heart18.00 – 19.15: Yoga for Sport 

heart19.15 – 20.30: Ashtanga Fusion

The timetable above shows my regular yoga sessions taught in teaching blocks through the year. Private sessions can be booked outside these times. For special events and workshops, please visit the Yoga Events Page.   Please scroll down for class descriptions.

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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Sarah offers a variety of yoga classes to suit all different abilities and aspirations.  Below you’ll find class descriptions of each class on the timetable to help you choose a class that is perfect for you:

Liquid Flow

This class will have you on your toes and dancing with your breath as you move through beautiful, fluid sequences set to ever-changing uplifting playlists.  Creatively choreographed and embracing the freedom of movement, these classes flow seamlessly with shifting tempos encompassing the mesmerising force of a mountain waterfall or the giddy chuckling of a melt-water stream to the steady, much slower, deep flow of a valley river.  With an emphasis on graceful movement, that feels good, you’ll find that resistance dissolves as you immerse yourself in your practise and deepen your mind-body connection.

Fierce Warrior Flow

Redefine your practise and develop a leaner, stronger physique in this full-body workout! Infused with a sassy, sometimes fiery, warrior spirit this is a continuous flow, creatively linking sequences that demand grace, strength, balance and flexibility. With some more advanced poses “thrown in”, this class offers a challenging progression that tests endurance and builds stamina against a backdrop of carefully curated playlists!

Yoga for Sport – Body Aligned Functional Yoga

Emphasising flexibility, stability and strength, this class aims to improve range and quality of movement, reduce aches and pains and improve posture through carefully realignment.  The class is aimed at athletes keen to improve their sports performance but it is equally suited to those suffering from the “wear and tear”  of everyday life.  As a climber and outdoor enthusiast, Sarah frequently draws on her own experiences (and mishaps!), offering a “down to earth” approach to keeping supple, managing common niggles and keeping injuries at bay! This is a very inclusive class, suitable for complete beginners.

Yoga Fundamentals for Beginners

Building on the teaching material that has been shared in my Yoga Fundamentals for Sport Workshops, “beginners “classes are aimed at those new to yoga seeking to improve range of movement, balance over and under-used muscles and increase core strength and stability.  Spinal articulation (including shoulder girdle), injury management and prevention will also be covered.

Yoga Sculpt and Flow

Combining the energetic “movement meditation” of strong flow with targeted body conditioning this class offers both fat-burning and body conditioning benefits. The classes are designed to sculpt and strengthen arms, shoulders and upper backs whilst also creating lean abs through targeted core work. Well-defined muscles will boost your metabolism so you burn more calories and transform your physique!


Ashtanga is a dynamic, traditional yoga system that combines breath with movement.  Poses are linked in a set sequence, which targets different systems of the body and mind.  The general Ashtanga classes offer the fundamental essence of this practice — breath, movement and sequence. You will be guided throughout and the pace will be adapted to the students that attend.  Everyone is welcome to attend this class, which will be taught in an inclusive way.  Simply come with a sincere heart, a willingness to embrace traditional Samkhya and the discipline to meet challenges head on!

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Yoga Prices

Individual Annual Membership

Individual Membership options are available for those able to make a regular commitment to classes for a minimum period of 12 months and can be set up online.  Annual membership offers the most cost effective way of paying for classes with the added benefit of being able to spread the cost across monthly payments. In addition membership includes a 15% discount off  special events and workshops. The following options are available: 

1 class per week (timetabled)   75 minute class = £24.00 per month    90 minute class = £25.00 per month
Unlimited  (timetabled) Special Introductory Offer (limited period) – £39 per month

Blocks of 10 Class Passes are Available:
A 10 Class Pass is valid for 90 days after the first visit and expires after this period.

Please note that no refund will be offered for passes that are not used within the stipulated period.

10 Sessions, 75 minutes

10 Sessions, 90 minutes




Subject to availability, you can pay per class via online booking.

Per 75 minute session

Per 90 minute session



Private yoga sessions are perfect if you want to build your confidence quickly, work on alignment, manage an injury or improve sports performance. More experienced students can benefit too; working 1:1 is a great way to “fast-track” your practice, learn how to structure a home practice or try more challenging poses in a safe environment. 

I also offer Yoga Prescriptions, which can be great for complete beginners unable to commit to a beginners course or for anyone looking to deepen their practice.  These longer sessions allow for tons of hands-on assists, body type and movement assessments and plenty of honest appraisal/feedback.  In these sessions I use video to help demonstrate alignment problems and to capture sequences, which can then be practised at home

Alternatively, if you would like a class for just you and a small group of your friends or you’d like me to come to your office to work with you and your colleagues then contact me by email. I will collaborate with you to design a personalised solution to meet your exact needs.

NEW Yoga Prescription – 90 minutes *£50.00
1:1 Private session – 75 minutes £37.50
1:1 Private session – 75 minutes x 6 £200.00

Private sessions are offered at my small home studio.

* Yoga Prescriptions include a movement assessment which will form the basis of a personalised yoga home-practice sequence that will be videoed during the session. 

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