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Throughout the year I teach a rolling programme of yoga classes.  I also offer immersion workshops and other special events, for  inquisitive students wishing to deepen both their self-knowledge and their understanding of yoga.  Most classes and events are held at Eaglesfield Village Hall (CA13 0RN), just 2 miles from Cockermouth.  Throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns, my schedule has been offered via interactive live-stream classes and some of these will remain part of my schedule going forward. Please scroll further down for booking details.

Covid-19 Mitigation Conditions for Attending Studio Yoga Classes

For those wishing to book on the limited in-person studio classes, please view and familiarise yourself with the Special conditions for in person classes document before booking.

Sarah Kekus – Yoga Teacher

I just love to move… and yoga has definitely helped me as an active person, especially as a climber; but it has become so much more than just physical support, it has become a way of life and has played a part in shaping my personal philosophies.

Moving with breath awareness calms our nervous system and brings both physical and mental steadiness.  But, over time, the more we breathe, the more we feel; we find a deeper connection with our inner world, which then helps us to connect more deeply with the world and people around us.

I first became captivated by Ashtanga; I was drawn to this challenging practise and liked the discipline. But my journey has led me towards more creative movement and sequencing that speak to both body and emotional intelligence.

By happy accident I met Simon Park a few years ago at the Chamonix Yoga Festival – learning from him has brought the greatest change to my own practice and teaching. I fell in love with his fluid wave sequencing and I’ve been inspired by his poetic approach.

My classes are carefully curated – offering soulful experiences that help us reconnect with our inner-most self.  There is challenge, humour, and “backchat” too but amongst all this you’ll find sincere teaching, plus you can always be assured of a warm welcome.

In addition to Simon, I have many other incredible teachers to thank for their inspiration and guidance including David Swenson, Kino Macgregor, Dany Sa, Laruga Glaser, Claire Missingham, Noelle Connolly, Joan Hyman and Julee Yew-Crijns.

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Yoga Mentorship

The last year has shown us all how we can do things differently and maintain community across a virtual platform and many of my students have practised with
me more regularly than ever before. This has highlighted that the most common barriers to a regular yoga practice are work and/or family commitments as well as
physical distance from a teacher or class. And so, I’ve come up with a new approach… The Mentorship Concept.

Mentorship has been designed to help overcome the obstacles of regular practice; it is a developmental approach towards building self-reliance and an unshakeable
commitment to yourself. Being part of a supportive and interactive online community of like-minded people will keep you motivated and within my online portal you’ll find the practical support and inspiration you need to practice yoga and self-care, wherever you are.

Less is More

I’m introducing mentorship at a time when I’ve made a step-change to my teaching approach; instead of rushing around trying to squeeze in more and more classes, mentorship encourages you to take ownership of your practice.  It gives you all the resources and help you need to fit your practice seamlessly into your life.

I am excited to be starting this new journey and would love you to join me.

Who is Mentorship for?

Anyone with an interest in yoga and wellness and who wants to be part of a warm community of like-minded individuals.

Tell me more?

Mentorship offers guidance, structure, and accountability – oh yes! But also freedom to explore, space to move mindfully and permission to rest – because this is where we grow!

We’ll meet monthly on zoom and you’ll also receive a new intention, each month, providing physical or mental focus for your practice.

Having a structured plan really can be the difference between getting on your mat or not! We lose time and energy trying to direct ourselves, which is why Evolve and Elevate mentorships offer a monthly practice plan providing detailed guidance on which classes, drills and short flows to attend. This means you can put your time and effort into your practice instead of losing the moment in uncertainty. And I will be supporting and  encouraging you as you move forward on your personal yoga journey.

Choose Your mentorship – all three levels include:

  • A monthly intention & meditation
  • 4 new full-length classes added to the library each month
  • Access to all full-length classes, drills, tutorials and short flows
  • Monthly Spotify playlists
  • Access to my full library of healthy, delicious recipes
  • Monthly guidance on taking your practice “off the mat

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Covid-19 Mitigation Conditions for Attending Studio Yoga Classes

Please view and familiarise yourself with the Special conditions for in person classes document before booking on any in-person studio yoga sessions.

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Class Descriptions

Sarah offers a variety of yoga classes to suit all different abilities and aspirations.  Below you’ll find class descriptions of each class on the timetable to help you choose a class that is perfect for you:

Liquid Flow

This class will have you on your toes and dancing with your breath as you move through beautiful, fluid sequences set to ever-changing uplifting playlists.  Creatively choreographed and embracing the freedom of movement, these classes flow seamlessly with shifting tempos encompassing the mesmerising force of a mountain waterfall or the giddy chuckling of a melt-water stream to the steady, much slower, deep flow of a valley river.  With an emphasis on graceful movement, that feels good, you’ll find that resistance dissolves as you immerse yourself in your practise and deepen your mind-body connection.

Fierce Warrior Flow

Redefine your practise and develop a leaner, stronger physique in this full-body workout! Infused with a sassy, sometimes fiery, warrior spirit this is a continuous flow, creatively linking sequences that demand grace, strength, balance and flexibility. With some more advanced poses “thrown in”, this class offers a challenging progression that tests endurance and builds stamina against a backdrop of carefully curated playlists!

Yoga for Sport – Body Aligned Functional Yoga

Emphasising flexibility, stability and strength, this class aims to improve range and quality of movement, reduce aches and pains and improve posture through carefully realignment.  The class is aimed at athletes keen to improve their sports performance but it is equally suited to those suffering from the “wear and tear”  of everyday life.  As a climber and outdoor enthusiast, Sarah frequently draws on her own experiences (and mishaps!), offering a “down to earth” approach to keeping supple, managing common niggles and keeping injuries at bay! This is a very inclusive class, suitable for complete beginners.

Yoga Fundamentals for Beginners

Building on the teaching material that has been shared in my Yoga Fundamentals for Sport Workshops, “beginners “classes are aimed at those new to yoga seeking to improve range of movement, balance over and under-used muscles and increase core strength and stability.  Spinal articulation (including shoulder girdle), injury management and prevention will also be covered.

Yoga Sculpt and Flow

Combining the energetic “movement meditation” of strong flow with targeted body conditioning this class offers both fat-burning and body conditioning benefits. The classes are designed to sculpt and strengthen arms, shoulders and upper backs whilst also creating lean abs through targeted core work. Well-defined muscles will boost your metabolism so you burn more calories and transform your physique!


Ashtanga is a dynamic, traditional yoga system that combines breath with movement.  Poses are linked in a set sequence, which targets different systems of the body and mind.  The general Ashtanga classes offer the fundamental essence of this practice — breath, movement and sequence. You will be guided throughout and the pace will be adapted to the students that attend.  Everyone is welcome to attend this class, which will be taught in an inclusive way.  Simply come with a sincere heart, a willingness to embrace traditional Samkhya and the discipline to meet challenges head on!

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