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re·treat (n)

… a tranquil haven where one can rest and take time to reflect, contemplate and restore

In my experience, stepping out of line from our hectic, and often stressful, routines is one of the best ways of restoring balance, recapturing joie de vivre and reconnecting with our innermost essence. So, I am very excited to be developing a retreat programme to run alongside my regular teaching.

Yoga and wellness retreats

Upcoming Retreats

Bijoux Retreats

Do you ever feel overtaken by a frantic energy that seems to go nowhere? Or worse, leaves you feeling completely depleted! Living in overdrive has become the default for many of us – especially this past couple of years – and our constant thought is “I don’t have time….” Sitting still is just not an option when we feel like this but we can find relief from accumulated stress through movement.

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Alpine Autumn Retreat

Autumn in the alps is special – the light, the colours and the tingling, clear mountain air make it perfect for a meaningful wellbeing experience. This will be a safe space – free from judgement – there will be no pressure to be anyone else but yourself

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Previous Retreats

Climbing & Yoga Intensive

3 days packed full of learning, providing you with the tools and inspiration to raise your game! This is a chance to connect with like-minded folk, and receive expert coaching so you can head into the winter months with

Alpine Yoga Retreat

12th - 19th October 2019 This retreat is truly perfect for mountain-loving yogis; set amongst the breath-taking alpine scenery of the Haute Savoie, it offers a complete yoga immersion combined with a chance to practice yoga surrounded by dramatic

1-Day “Reboot” Retreat

Saturday 19th January 2019 “Reconnect with your life force, that naturally exuberant flow that reignites your heart fire" Yoga, nutrition and lifestyle inspiration Experience an empowering immersion to reawaken your innate creative energy; inspiring you to break-free from any self-imposed

1-Day “Reboot” Retreat

Saturday 20th January 2018 "one day I'll gift myself a yoga retreat" This is a yoga immersion combined with nutritional and lifestyle inspiration to encourage you to make positive changes in your life - all squeezed into a day. Whether

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If you’d like any further information about retreats, please get in touch with Sarah.

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