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Covid-19 Notice

During this unprecedented year, I have moved most of my work online.  All nutrition consultations and coaching sessions take place via zoom and I also continue to offer interactive, live-streamed yoga classes as well as online private yoga.  Details of my reduced “in-person” classes can be found on my Yoga page.

Nutritional Therapy, Yoga & Wellness

I just love to move my body; music makes me want to dance, mountains make me want to climb and dreams of beautiful places make me want to travel”

… I always want to feel this way and so giving my body and mind exactly what it needs is central to my philosophy; a pure, simple diet, movement meditation yoga, healing herbs and fresh air are some of the things I’ve found essential to feeling my most enlivened self. I’ve made sure to put these “essentials” at the heart of my business, The Health Architect, which offers:

heart   Evidence-based nutritional therapy & lifestyle coaching
heart    Yoga classes, workshops, private tuition & retreats
heart    Motivational talks, workshops & wellness inspiration

Let me help you discover the best version of yourself


Yoga Classes, Private Sessions and Yoga Workshops in Cumbria.

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Yoga, Nutrition & Wellness Retreats.

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