Once again Poetry in Motion, will  be taught progressively across a block of  5 classes and will offer a small teaching container for those wishing to take their practice further.  We'll meet for five consecutive Wednesdays, starting on 3rd April 2024. Building on all the balance skills covered in the first series, this teaching block will focus on finding both steadiness and ease as we work through longer sequences that will draw you into a state of flow.  As ever, we’ll begin by aligning breath with movement, then we’ll move through 3-4 flow sequences.  With an emphasis on graceful movements, that feel good in our body you’ll find "poetry of motion".  I always bring an exquisite soundscape to help you find a more immersive state. Then, as we move towards closing we’ll find a slower pace for more gentle stretches and slow calm breaths to steady our nervous system. Each class will unfold in an arc – warming to dynamic and then to a slower pace for  more gentle stretches. Finally we'll find stillness and return to a calm, steady breath.  This combination resets our nervous system and promotes deep rest. Starting Wednesday 3rd April, 6.15pm - 7.45pm Eaglesfield Village Hall.   Please note that no refund will be offered for any sessions not used and this pass cannot be used to attend other classes or events.