“I am one of those astrology “TOTAL sceptics” – you know, someone who reads their horoscope at any given opportunity, has a moon calendar pinned to their desk and knows that many of their closest friends share the same star sign!!!!!

In this life I’ve found there are people who need an explanation for EVERYTHING and people who may possibly believe anything!

I thought I was at the “explanation needy” end of the spectrum until I met Nik who will even need an explanation for why the lights have been left on in the kitchen!  I mean – come on – everyone knows that this is a phenomenon that cannot be explained!

The pioneering scientist, Candace Pert (1946 – 2013) was ahead of her time when she suggested that the brain, the endocrine system, and the immune system communicate via a system of neuropeptides. She discovered the brain’s opiate receptors and used her own gigantic brain to prove and explain, in scientific terms, how our emotions can affect our physical wellbeing. Not everyone was ready to entertain her beliefs back then – for many years “hardcore scientists” wanted to discredit anything that seemed so “woo-woo” and remain firmly wedded to the belief that the mind and the body are completely separate.

Fast forward to more recent times where we’ve seen a proliferation of research and theories exploring the links between our emotions, thoughts and physical wellbeing. My studies in evidence-based lifestyle medicine have helped me to understand some of the scientific explanations, especially the physiological changes caused by stress hormone fluctuations.  And, as I’ve delved further into whole-person wellness I’ve found plenty of evidence supporting the idea that what happens in the physical body is often a result of complex psycho-emotional factors.

I also have my own personal experiences. Yesterday marked seven years since my Dad died. Not long after his funeral I noticed my blood-pressure was elevated.  Mine has always been low, but with a family history of hypertension I was naturally concerned.  Just the thought of testing myself became stressful, so I didn’t.  Plus, the advice on how I could reduce my reading was all really helpful – quit smoking, do more exercise, eat more vegetables and cut down on booze! But yesterday morning I woke up and felt that years of grief had shifted, and my mindset was different.  So, I decided to pull out the monitor – back to low.  I nearly cried!

I guess I’ve always leaned towards a “whole person” approach and I’m fascinated by Ayurveda with it’s fundamental belief that we are born with inherent mental and physical characteristics that cannot be changed during our lifetime. Ayurvedic wisdom states that our basic “Prakriti” predisposes us to certain physical and mental health experiences. The ancients didn’t know about genetics but they were on to something!  I’ve seen very recently how Nik and I respond differently to extreme heat – both physically and mentally.  In Ayurvedic terms I am Vata (air), and Nik is Pitta (fire) – if you believe this then you’ll see why high heat is no good for Pitta types.  Of course, Nik will quickly quip that I am air i.e. airhead!

In her book Conscious Medicine, clinical psychologist Gill Edwards explores how stress and trauma lead to physical disease.  She prophetically claimed that cancers are normally preceded by a significant emotional trauma. Two years later, after a bitter split with her husband, she was dead – breast cancer!

The concept of “body intelligence” does not seem so radical anymore and the effects of moon cycles have also been well-documented; explanations include the effects of nocturnal light on our pineal glands or shifting magnetic fields as the planets move around but what about other aspects of astrology or numerology?

Last week marked our transition through the Lion’s Gate.  Nik asked, “what is this Lion’s Gate Portal?” and everything that came out of my mouth sounded ridiculous. Well we are in Leo season, hence the Lion reference but why should 8/8 be a special time to “manifest more abundance” into your life?  Yes, it is all rubbish I concluded loudly.

But the thing is, there WAS something about last week that I just cannot put my finger on. Maybe the supermoon or the fact that it was hot? And then I did manifest a parking space twice in one week – in KESWICK!  Plus, I was asked to repeat a quote about a lion!  I don’t know, but I am genuinely prepared to keep an open mind.  For sure, I am someone who sees life as an adventure and I find the possibilities of the unknown exciting.  I am also all for seizing any chance to evolve and become a stronger and more enlightened version of myself so, Lion’s Gate, work your magic!

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