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Female hormone rebalancing and gastro health

This programme is for women who sincerely want to seize control of their healthcare “reins” and take responsibility for their own health destiny. The intense nature of this change programme means it is only suitable for those truly committed to improving their well-being. The programme is particularly suited to women suffering from the effects of chronic stress that may have already led to some of the following symptoms of hormone imbalance and/or gastro-intestinal disturbances.

Female hormone rebalancing and improving gastro-intestinal health is an area I am passionate about and continue to achieve excellent results in. There is evidence to suggest a link between hormone imbalances and gastro intestinal disturbances and the independent research I carried out for my Masters in nutritional Therapy supports this relationship..

Although based in Cockermouth in Cumbria, my services can be offered remotely and I am very happy to discuss this as a possibility further.

Is this programme for you?

The nature of this work is intense and it is a 2-way process; to ensure a good fit you should book a free, no obligation, 30-minute Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or phone call with me. This is your chance to find out if my programme is right for your needs and for me to understand if you are suitable for this challenging change programme.

Conditions that can really benefit from nutritional therapy include the following:

heart Pre Menstrual Symptoms
heart Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome
heart Menopause Changes
heart Chronic interstitial cystitis
heart Poor blood sugar control
heartAdrenal insufficiencies
heartAdrenal insufficiencies
heart Thyroid problems
heart Constipation and/or diarrhoea
heartBloating & flatulence
heart Weight Gain
heart Chronic Stress
heart Fertility Issues
heart Addictive / Uncontrolled Eating
heart Rashes or “Stress” Eczema
heart Frequent “Break-outs”
heart Food Sensitivity Reactions
heart Irritability and/or Anxiety
heart Frequent Disruptive Sleep or Insomnia
heart Pelvic Floor Weakness

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About the Rebalance Programme

This change programme offers sustained, positive change and includes up to 6 months of coaching support – because I know it can take at least this long to break old habits and truly embed new behaviours. I recommend starting with a 6 or 12-week fully supported programme, which can then be followed by an ongoing coaching package, depending on the level of support required. 

Rebalance covers the following 4 areas:





Your programme begins with an initial consultation; this is a fact-finding process looking at your health history and the current symptoms you wish to address.  It will include:

  • an in-depth review of your health history
  • A comprehensive assessment of your diet, lifestyle, activity and support network
  • Analysis of your posture and fitbit/smart watch stats (if available)
  • Identification of SMART Goals

You will then receive your first stage treatment plan which will include:

  • your initial assessment report
  • Treatment aims and objectives
  • 30-day at-a-glance meal planner plus all recipes and “shopping list”
  • Suggested lifestyle modifications including exercise
  • Any recommended nutritional supplements
  • Functional medical testing recommendations
  • Weekly coaching support* (to keep you on-track and mitigate difficulties)

*coaching calls and catch-ups will be scheduled to fit in with your busy life  as much as possible; I am used to working across time zones and flexing around travel schedules etc.

Around week 5 of your programme you will receive a follow-up plan; this will be based on your initial progress, tailored to meet your overall programme goals: Typically it includes:

  • Follow-up personalised nutrition plan with delicious recipes chosen for you
  • Weekly coaching support – during the second phase this may include mindful eating tips, embedding self-care priorities, breaking down self-limiting beliefs
  • Revised supplement recommendations (if needed)
  • 6-week programme – £499
  • 12-week programme – £580*
  • 1 month add-on coaching support – £240
  • *Throughout September I’m offering a 20% discount on my normal price of £725

See what my clients say:

Rebalancing through Yoga and Nutrition

When I met Sarah for the first time I was a big tangle of knots trying to neaten myself out. Fortune had fallen on me as my husband had came across Sarah and realised she was the help I was searching for. I was coming down from a roller coaster ride of weight issues, medical issues and mental health issues. I had been to the doctors over and over again, had hospital appointment etc and been waved off with a weak/generic diagnosis. During my consultation poor Sarah had a storm of words thrown at her, on reflection I think I was so adamant that yet again I would be shown the door.

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