When I met Sarah for the first time I was a big tangle of knots trying to neaten myself out.

Fortune had fallen on me as my husband had came across Sarah and realised she was the help I was searching for.  I was coming down from a roller coaster ride of weight issues, medical issues and mental health issues. I had been to the doctors over and over again, had hospital appointment etc and been waved off with a weak/generic diagnosis.

During my consultation poor Sarah had a storm of words thrown at her, on reflection I think I was so adamant that yet again I would be shown the door. However Sarah picked up all of this information and offered her hand to guide me on my way.

Total Rebalance with Yoga & Nutrition

I chose to go on Sarah’s Total Rebalance Programme. Sarah advised me what she believed the problem was and I was so relieved that she hadn’t shut the door on me but indeed opened a new one. Sarah set out a meal plan for me with a bunch of yummy recipes that were easy to do (I work full time and have a busy life so I was worried about fitting this in) she recommended that I come along  to her yoga classes and keep in daily contact.

I won’t lie, it was hard; at first I didn’t feel 100% and at times I didn’t think I could do it. I’m generally quite an anxious person when it comes to new people so the first few classes were nerve wracking.

Healthy, Mind, Body, Skin and Glow!


I see food in a different way, I thought I ate fairly good to start with but Sarah’s given me a new way to look at foods along with some beautiful recipes, I always keep an eye out for her new recipes on her blog.

I couldn’t imagine my life without yoga and the weeks that I can’t get to classes I feel as though part of me is missing. Yoga has made me a stronger person in and out. The power it takes to complete some of the poses mentally and physically is amazing. When people comment on yoga being a relaxing ‘easy’ thing I know they have not experienced  Ashtanga.

Ashtanga has strengthened my mind, my self-belief and my body.  My fellow yogis are lovely; I’ve never been to a class and not been asked how I am – I feel so well-supported.

The changes in my body have been a bonus, I have lost weight, my skin is healthier and, according to comments, I have a healthy glow about me. After my programme finished I worried that would be the end but I immediately snatched up a membership to Sarah’s yoga classes. These are frequently held throughout the week and are all different in there own way, I also try where I can to go to her special events.

Sarah has been more for me than I can ever put in a blog, she has been the best thing I could have asked for and I can say I no longer see her as a guide but a friend.