If you were a dragon ….

What would you breathe? Glitter, bubbles or fire?

I was asked this question a few weeks ago – yes, seriously!  I was a little taken aback but once I’d got beyond my initial thought – what a ridiculous question – I found I was both intrigued and wrestling my mind away from the answer I instinctively knew.

Well definitely not glitter, I said to myself, so messy, so pervasive. Plus, the practical me added, I don’t want that stuff in my lungs!

And not bubbles, I silently affirmed remembering that soapy taste in my mouth as a kid with my bubble blowing bottle and wand.  Again my mind added, and you’d suffocate!

So I came to fire; having recently lost my voice I’d been reminded of how much I value being able to express myself through my spoken words. If words can’t come out then fire would have power and influence, right?  I also know that faced with challenges, my default is to “fight fire with fire”.  And, even the slightest whiff of coercion will bring out the warrior in me; there’s always been a need to defend my free-spirit and do battle for my right to autonomy! Neither glitter or bubbles would really “cut it” in these situations!

I started to imagine little flickers of flames escaping my nostrils when riled – a little warning; beware I’m fierce don’t you know!  Followed by a full-on escalation – opening my mouth to unleash a roaring inferno.

Yes, I hear myself say, don’t mess!  I breathe fire …..


But mostly I’m a peace-loving dragon, breathing air and drinking water!

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