Oftentimes when we get fixated on a yoga pose we’ve been drawn in for all the wrong reasons.  There’s something inside of us wishing to accomplish something that looks challenging instead of an actual desire to rub up against something that will provoke strong reaction.

But this month I’m doing just that – I’ve been reminded by one of my teachers that we must never forget the process.  The process is always more important than the pose we strive for.  In fact really the pose is never important, yet the reactions that arise can reveal to us so much about ourselves.

With this in mind, I’ve chosen to embrace Natarajasana and I have prepared myself for what must unfold.  And it is strong reaction, after strong reaction.  I must open my quads, my hip-flexors, my shoulders – in fact let’s just say it – my entire front body!

Here is a pose that I’ve avoided teaching for years – I’ve fallen into the trap of believing that because I am a yoga teacher I should be able to do this, with ease.  Well, I can’t and so now is the time to try a little harder.

I’ve been sharing this journey in my teaching this month and it has been exciting to see where others find more ease in this pose, as well challenges  I’ve become more open these days – in a way that I could not have done years ago – and so pulling faces (in disgust) and sharing my own struggles has become integral to my teaching style.

It’s just a pose after all and “perfected Natarajasana” ain’t every gonna go on my headstone anyway!!!!!