Oftentimes it is our emotions that drive us – we over-identify with them so that we are unable to allow them to come and go.  Instead of creating small ripples, whilst we remain calmly detached, we get tossed about, each time there’s a storm, and find it impossible to regain equilibrium.

This cycle prevents us from making the choices that best support us and so keep us stuck in the rut of perpetual self-sabotage.  It becomes a downward spiral; we lose sight of our goals, who are and who we want to be as we become lost amongst duties, competing pressures on our time and the demands of others.

Regular journaling is one way of bringing attention to fluctuating thoughts – it can help us track them, notice patterns and provide a record that we can interrogate!  Because some of these thoughts will be driven by baseless fears or come when we feel tired or less resilient to the challenges of our life.

I’ve chosen faith as my word for this year – for me this is about staying anchored to our values learning to trust both ourselves and those around and remaining calmly confident when negative thoughts and doubt flock in.

So my journaling prompts for 2022 align with this word and are as follows:

  1. Who am I choosing to take with me and who no longer aligns with my vision for living my best life?
  2. Who do I need to have a difficult conversation with?
  3. My words shape my future – these are the words I’m choosing
  4. Where can I have more influence
  5. What attitude might be obscuring my understanding?
  6. Which of my beliefs is the biggest block to my progress?
  7. I am willing to be more ….
  8. I need help to ….
  9. I have learnt that I can trust ….
  10. A recurring fear of mine is ….
  11. I know that I have a gift for
  12. I feel the most confident when
  13. The core values I am protecting are …