Dear Sarah

So I sat in my car, before my very first yoga class back in January, trying to get in a good frame of mind and ground myself with positivity.  I felt visibly nervous and was aware that bringing this energy into the class could have a negative impact. But when you greeted me my demeanor changed …

At that first class my struggles were real; my body got in my way and my breath was non-existent.  Through practicing physical asanas I’ve gradually started to notice that my awareness has expanded, from observing the breath while holding the postures to observing and experiencing life in the present moment.  Plus I have learned to activate muscles that I didn’t even know I had!

I still find all the classes to be challenging and also invigorating, but I’ve learnt to listen to my body so I now understand my own capabilities and how far I can push myself.

Your teaching approach makes me understand the essence of yoga. Working through the sequencing is proving such a gift.  In my practice I am enjoying moving through every single component as I learn to sequence poses together.  I also like the idea of using blocks in a flow just to feel it differently. And I particularly love the longer sessions – the longer the better.

Prior to my first class I thought yoga was just all about poses but now my whole practice has changed and it’s flowing into so many other areas of my life.  Plus, I never leave my yoga practice with a feeling of “I can’t” – my biggest takeaway from my yoga practice is a sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

I am always encouraged by the training and find that the more I practice the more natural it becomes, so thank you for that.

Julie ?‍♀️

The Health Architect Replied …

Dear Julie

Thank you so much for sharing with me your thoughts about your yoga journey so far.  Reading through “your story” has filled me with many emotions and reminded me, very importantly, that starting yoga is daunting!  I feel privileged to have you in my classes and it has been so wonderful to see you develop at so many levels. I always aim to show the path towards the essence of yoga and not just acquiring poses, so I’m very happy that this is what you perceive.

See you you soon …

Sarah x