This is one of the greatest paradoxes in yoga – letting go of attachment, of goals, of ambitions, even, without a sense that we are abandoning these dreams.

Yung Pueblo articulates this beautifully ….

“it is the graceful walk between continuing to put effort into making our preferred reality come true and not allowing our happiness to be controlled by something we do not have”.

For centuries yoga teachings have presented the idea that, when we let go of what we want, it comes to us.  Perhaps this sounds a bit “fairy-tale-like” but when we look back on our journey through life we do often find examples which illustrate this.

Wanting something badly can create tension and desperation – these emotions themselves can push us further away from achieving our goal or desired outcome.  A more relaxed approach, where we continue making effort but avoid struggling or feelings of impatience can make us more receptive to the path or outcome that is actually best for us.

When it comes to our yoga practice continued effort without struggle or force will always bring us closer to the poses we want whereas impatience often leads to injury! Better to focus on the daily steps right in front of us and keep trying, whilst trusting we are always where we are meant to be!

Keep trying, keep trusting x