There’s nothing that creates more self-disappointment than not carrying out our intentions.  Ultimately the excuses we find, many of which will be perfectly valid, count for nothing and do not soothe self-disappointment at it’s most profound level.

So this month, I’ve refined my thinking from August; instead of a raucous “call to action” I’d like to encourage you to think about outcomes.

There’s 25% of this year left – when you look back on this final quarter, come December, what would you like to be reflecting upon with pride?

I was at a funeral a few days ago – a dear friend gone far too soon.  But what struck me the most was how much he had filled into his life.  He absolutely lived it to the max and packed it full of meaning.  I left the church feeling uplifted and with my resolve to live intentionally strengthened.

There is no measure for what we intended to do so start measuring outcomes – write them down and tick ‘em off if this works – but most important is to switch from victim-hood (where we feed ourselves a diet of justifications) to empowered – making intentional decisions and choices that led to the outcomes we want.

Go rock it?