When we are pushed, pummelled or forced to “carry on”, no matter what life throws at us, oftentimes our energy transforms …

Instead of feeling able to allow many aspects of our life to unfold we become seized with a more desperate fierceness.  Our inner-warrior is unleashed, which means that every little obstacle starts to feel like a battle ground.  We feel exasperation to those who seem intent on slowing us down and sometimes, it seems, that person is ourself!

But sadly, this warrior energy rarely draws us closer to what we want to achieve.  Quite the opposite, it is an energy that repels people and opportunities, blocks or restricts better understanding and communication and, ultimately destroys our mojo, enthusiasm and drive!  Vicious circle, you see!

There is another way to move forward but it requires us to hold our nerve and truly believe that small steps forward are most definitely progress and are NOT tantamount to standing still.  And, like holding a grain of sand, when we loosen our grip we retain more of what we want!

This is what I call subtle resilience.  Of course, you can tough things out and do tough stuff but your inner-warrior needs to calm down, be more trusting and become gentler.  Then you will see where there are effortless openings, opportunities and support. Continuing to trust, even when things look bleak, is where our resilience gets tested but this is sustainable.  Maintaining trust can be done, with practice, however continuing to do battle cannot be sustained.

Give it a try this month!