To be truly well, and consistently show up as our “best self”, really is all about mindset. I believe that what stops us most often from taking action is not lack of knowledge or motivation but self-limiting beliefs.

So often I see women who know deep in their heart that their life can be richer. Yet, they feel trapped by deep-seated beliefs or emotions, which drive self-limiting behaviours that keep them stuck!

My Wellness Mentorship offers gentle coaching to help you uncover the beliefs you hold about yourself – so you understand exactly what’s holding you back – and steer you towards clear goals. You’ll also receive monthly guidance to give you all the practical steps to move forward.  As part of this programme, you’ll be offered a place on my HEAL(h)ER intensive retreat (autumn 2022) and invited to join a supportive community of like-minded women at my Monthly Practice Circle.

The Details

The programme begins with a “deep dive” into your mindset and motivations, which includes goal setting and identifying what may prevent you from achieving them.  You’ll then receive a detailed plan, setting out your priorities, along with all the resources you’ll need. Month by month you’ll learn the secrets to living your “best life” and quarterly coaching sessions will both keep you on track and deepen your self-awareness.  I’ll be sharing transformational tools that will change how you feel about yourself forever and give you the confidence to live life by your own rules. The programme includes the following behavioural guidance and mindset coaching:

Yoga & nutrition Mentorship plans

Behavioural Guidance

You will be guided through all the fundamental practices that will enable you to live your best life, including:

  • How to create energy stability so you consistently avoid afternoon slumps, feeling “hangry” and binge eating!
  • Eating for your body type so you can manage your weight without constant dieting
  • Guidance on digestive cleansing and liver detoxification – 7-day simple protocol will be suggested
  • How to heal your gut for good by choosing foods that promote healing and gastro-intestinal comfort
  • Key principles of intermittent fasting – why? how? when?
  • Neuro-toxic foods, the gut/brain barrier and your food choices!

Mindset Coaching

Throughout the programme you’ll be offered supportive coaching to help you embed new behaviours and get to know yourself and your triggers better than ever before.  Typically coaching will cover:

  • How to overcome what is holding you back and realise your potential
  • Emotional eating – food, drink, people and situation “triggers”
  • The key principles of intuitive eating
  • How to rule your hormones not let them rule you – understanding how much is within your control!
  • Uncovering the number one saboteur of your health
  • Understanding addiction – the psychology and physiology – and how addictive foods/drinks sabotage our intentions

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