Selecting foods that not only provide the right balance of nutrients but which suit you and your training schedule can enhance your athletic performance, speed up recovery and help protect against injury and illnesses.

Furthermore, to perform at your best you need to tackle any niggling health issues; digestive discomfort, headaches, frequent infections and fatigue will all affect your training and, ultimately, hold you back.

Sarah will therefore look at your food intake and your training goals as well as lifestyle factors, including the timing of your meals, as part of assessing your overall health.

Very often correcting even minor nutritional imbalances or health issues can provide the key to significantly improving performance.

Sarah can also provide tailored advice on the use of supplements, especially to help with injury prevention and recovery. Intense training can lead to an increased susceptibility to colds and other infections. There can be many underlying factors for this but hormone disruption and/or gastrointestinal disturbances can often play a role. As part of an initial consultation, Sarah may therefore recommend further investigation using laboratory testing before devising a nutritional programme that would normally include targeted supplementation.

As a keen climber, ski-mountaineer, runner and cyclist, Sarah understands the challenges of eating healthily whilst “on the go” and has spent years working out solutions for herself. She is therefore able to offer a wealth of practical snack/meal ideas that don’t take hours to prepare and that are easy to transport. She can also provide specific dietary plans, recipes and even shopping lists to help you make any suggested adjustments.