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Q&A with Sarah Kekus

What did you have for breakfast this morning? SK: Instant Paleo Bircher’s with Blueberries – this is my current “go-to” favourite when I’m short on time.  It’s my own little concoction so I

My 1-Day Yoga Reboot!

Guest blog post by Nicky Gyles A Yoga Retreat for the Time-Poor I have often thought that those lucky people who get to indulge in yoga retreats have plenty of spare time, spare cash

Rebalancing through Yoga and Nutrition

When I met Sarah for the first time I was a big tangle of knots trying to neaten myself out. Fortune had fallen on me as my husband had came across Sarah and realised she was the help I was searching for. I was coming down from a roller coaster ride of weight issues, medical issues and mental health issues. I had been to the doctors over and over again, had hospital appointment etc and been waved off with a weak/generic diagnosis. During my consultation poor Sarah had a storm of words thrown at her, on reflection I think I was so adamant that yet again I would be shown the door.

Letter from a Beginner

Dear Sarah So I sat in my car, before my very first yoga class back in January, trying to get in a good frame of mind and ground myself with positivity.  I felt visibly nervous

Night Swimming

Guest Blog written by Sara Barnes ‘Taking one swim at a time”, that’s what I proclaimed on Facebook in response to being asked when we were going to put on our wetsuits.  We’d been lake

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