We’ve all been there… guests arriving in 30 and we haven’t even taken a shower!

That’s when we need a fancy-looking dessert that takes seconds to prepare; here you go!

3 Fresh Figs

2 tbsps. pistachios, lightly toasted & crushed

2 pieces of  honeycomb

4 tbsps. heavy Organic Greek Yoghurt or

Sheep’s milk Yoghurt blended with Whippable Oatly or

Coconut Collaborative Natural Yoghurt

Serves 2

Find your BEST knife and slice the figs carefully.

Throw the pistachios into a dry skillet and toast until the turn a brighter green

Carefully scoop the yoghurt into sundae glasses, top with the pieces of honeycomb and then arrange the figs artfully!!!!

Scatter the pieces of pistachio over the top just before serving.


ps. also makes a nice breakfast.