In Person Class

This lower-body series for athletes consists of three, 90-minute mini-workshops designed to help you improve your range of movement and mobility from the waist down!

Sooner or later, the common problem of tight hips and hamstrings will start to affect general mobility. Everyone knows that a good range of movement goes hand-in-hand with performance improvement.  But a loss of movement doesn’t just reduce athletic performance it massively increases your risk of injury.

In this short series, Sarah will show you targeted movements and sequences that you can build into your own conditioning programme, even if you are short on time. She will also share some of her “quick-fixed” for niggles and stubborn muscle tightness.  With this knowledge you will be able to fit essential mobility work around your existing training schedule.

Dates:   12th, 19th & 26th November
  Cost:   £35 for the series (normally £45) drop-in available at £15