Our ancestors knew that the powerful shifts in the natural world, from season to season, are also signals to make changes to how we eat, move and structure our day. But, in modern life, we can forget to honour the changing seasons – these seasonal practice circles are a chance to acknowledge the changes and realign our body and mind.  Each seasonal celebration will have its own theme and focus, helping you to harness the power of the season to come starting with Spring …

Spring Practice Circle

Finding the joyful energy of spring in our flow, we will reignite our commitment to self-care and nourish our body, mind and soul. Working our way through intentional movement, woven with poetry and set to a backdrop of eclectic, uplifting music.

When: 6pm, Monday 22nd March 2021

Investment: £10 (free with all yoga memberships, and to my inner circle)

Summer Practice Circle

Yes, this is the summer solstice; the sun is at it’s most intense, days longer than nights and, in Ayurvedic terms, our Pitta energy is at its highest.  We are going to harness this fire energy in a dynamic, continuous flow to energise and reignite our enthusiasm for our practice.

When: Monday 21st June 2021

Autumn Practice Circle

When: Monday 20th September 2021

Winter Practice Circle

When: Monday 20th December 2021