Google “menopause” and you’ll be bombarded with products alleged to alleviate every symptom associated with “menopause misery”.  But many can only mask symptoms and won’t address underlying causes.

Menopause is a normal phase of a woman’s life so when problems arise it is often because of imbalances that have developed before and during peri-menopause.  The severity of symptoms correlates with the level of imbalances; this is why some women sail through menopause and others continue to suffer decades later!

Addressing these imbalances requires an in-depth evaluation that includes diet, lifestyle, menstrual history and even life events.  During peri-menopause, oestrogen and progesterone levels can fluctuate wildly and these fluctuations are blamed for symptoms.  But this is not the full picture and topping up levels of these hormones, by resorting to HRT, can be like taking a “sledge hammer to crack a nut”!

What if I told you that some causes of imbalance are more subtle and within your own control – would you believe me?

Well I regularly help women to banish “symptoms from hell”! So let me share 5 things you can start doing immediately to significantly improve your symptoms.

  1. Eat regularly, avoid sugar and never skip meals to maintain blood sugar stability.
  2. Cut out caffeine and stimulants as they can increase physiological stress.
  3. Avoid alcohol as this will interfere with blood sugar balance, sleep and mood!
  4. Eat a fibre-rich diet and stay hydrated so that “spent” hormones can be excreted.
  5. Make time for daily gentle exercise such as walking or yoga – this is so important!

Need more advice?  I’ll be sharing more tips at my next wellness talk, “Sail Through Menopause”.