What’s the Practice Circle all about?  – I’ve been asked this a lot recently and truthfully I’m honoured that there is so much curiosity but it has also made me worry that my description is too ambiguous  But, here’s the thing – it can be very difficult to articulate a vibe that will be felt differently by each of us and one that will always be quintessentially ephemeral!  Nevertheless, here goes …

After simple introductions we practised yoga, lots of it; starting gently we found a steady pace and moved through three wave-sequences to find more space.  This is the way shown to me by my teacher, Simon Park; through patient repetition the body warms and opens, the chattering mind slows and we remember how much love we have in our hearts for both the practice and life itself.

After a couple of hours we slowed to Savasana.  I prepared tisanes whilst everyone else grabbed their journals.  “What are you not listening to?” was the journal prompt I offered. Happily, this got everyone writing and, by the time I returned, creative thought was flowing.

I brought chocolate truffles – they were delicious (my opinion!) although everyone was very restrained so there were plenty left for Nik!

My sincere hope was to inspire non-judgemental conversation around particular themes; this month we were exploring “How to find a greater sense of purpose and direction through creating mental stillness, listening to our internal chattering and being VERY honest with ourselves.  My dread was that conversations might slide into a group moan or “collective negativity”, but I need not have worried.  Everyone offered insightful and supportive comments, there was incredible amity, and the warmth rekindled a glow in my heart.  Discussions went on longer than I’d imagined and there was a reluctance to leave.

When situations or people come together, just perfectly, I think there’s alchemy at play – the energy is not “ours” to control so we must trust in the magic and let things unfold.  From the vibrant double rainbow that greeted me as I left my house that morning, to the most precious vibe of a wonderful group I feel it was all touched by a kind sorceress willing us all to lift each other.  It was so very special.

Next month’s theme will centre around what we can learn from anger and sadness. Goodness these have been powerful teachers for me, this year especially, and I’m truly appreciative.  I believe we must “feel all the feels” not pretend all is okay, or attempt to anaesthetise!

And through the winter months we’ll be looking at:

  • The Mountain is you/me – understanding how we get in “our own way”!
  • Identifying the factors that have shaped how we think about ourselves
  • Re-wiring self-beliefs, mastering the inner critic and learning a new language of self-talk
  • “Unblocking” and moving forward more boldly
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