“Lockdown” has a lot to answer for when it comes to deterioration in both our mental and physical health; amidst a myriad of things to worry about, one of the most frustrating “fall-outs”, for many, has been weight gain.  And now, all of a sudden, the summer holidays are here – one of the hardest times of year to shift those extra pounds.  Plus, it is likely that the “Corona Stone” is not simply due to a bit of over-eating; stress, changes to lifestyle and a reduction in usual exercise levels may all have played their part.

Weight-Loss Resistance

This means that relying on calorie reduction, to create a “calorie deficit”, probably won’t be all it takes to lose this extra weight.  Stricter calorie control, so you are eating less and less, may cease to make a difference; a slippery slope and one that can lead to nutrient deficiencies as well as mental and physical health complications.  And, to add “insult to injury”, it can actually lead to weight gain, instead of loss, over time.  This is weight-loss resistance, when the “calories in versus calories out” equation no longer works.

So what goes wrong?

Weight loss can be especially tricky for women as so many hormones play a role in weight management. Especially after childbirth or during peri-menopause and menopause, women may find they have gained weight, which they then struggle to shift.  Blood sugar instability, thyroid issues, fluctuating oestrogen and progesterone as well as disruption to the daily cortisol rhythm can all affect a woman’s metabolism and, consequently, ability to lose weight.  Soaring stress hormones are also an issues and, in fact, high cortisol is often what is driving fat storage around the waistline.

What can be done?

Supporting the liver and the gut to improve detoxification and improving blood sugar balance are my first priorities when it comes to resetting the body.  I may manipulate macro-nutrients and address mineral and vitamin deficiencies through supplementation as well as offering specific liver support, in some cases. I will also work to improve gut health with “gut-friendly” foods as well as pro and prebiotics. With clients who are really struggling to shift any weight I also offer carefully monitored and personalised fasting and fast-mimicking to help boost metabolism and thermogenics to kick-start fat-burning.

Behavioural coaching

If you really want to lose weight you have to be in it for the “long-haul” – I totally “get” that this is the hard part but consistency will pay off and embedding changes will ensure you don’t pile all the weight back on after your programme.  Furthermore, you have to understand what drives your food choices and behaviours.  This is where dietary behavioural coaching can help you break free from entrenched, unhelpful patterns and develop strong, healthier habits instead.  I will also help you focus on longer-term “pull-motivation” goals so you can free yourself from the vicious cycle of “quick-fix” mentality and “push goals”, which are very hard to sustain.  Our emotional state is intrinsic to how we eat, so my change programmes always delve beneath the surface to uncover unhelpful or self-limiting beliefs that fuel self-sabotage!

Working with me

Truthfully, I’ve been ambivalent about weight-loss programmes for some years;  I really don’t want to “put people on diets” yet I know I can help those who are seriously committed to changing their body composition for good.  So I am once again taking on private weight-loss clients to work together for a minimum of 3 months.  As my programmes are an intense, 2-way process I now insist on a “good fit” preliminary consultation; this is a free, no obligation, 20-minute WhatsApp, Face-Time or phone call with me. I am fully-booked throughout August but I am already taking bookings for the autumn and I will also be starting my first ever group Weight-Loss Programme in September.  Email me if you would like more details or would like to schedule a prelim consultation.