Saturday 19th January 2019

“Reconnect with your life force, that naturally exuberant flow that reignites your heart fire”

Yoga, nutrition and lifestyle inspiration

Experience an empowering immersion to reawaken your innate creative energy; inspiring you to break-free from any self-imposed limitations and fulfil your highest potential in 2019.  This 1-day retreat combines beautiful yoga flow with nutrition and lifestyle guidance, encouraging you to make positive changes and live your life more radiantly.

Whether you seek to embrace a healthier way of life or simply wish to deepen your yoga practise this is your chance to hit the “reset” button! Let me take care of you for a day and give you a chance to recharge as well as tools to help you seize control of your own well-being; this is a fast-track to a healthier, calmer, more energetic you!

We will align and awaken to yoga flow as movement meditation, finding rhythm through breath and exploring movement patterns that promote physical openings. Intricate sequencing and working around your mat will also require you to move with mindful focus so you find yourself drawn more deeply towards heart-centred contemplation.  Wave after wave of super-fluid yoga flows will fire up your physical practise, whilst most definitely tending your heart fire! We will take time to strengthen our foundations and then, through repetition and expansion, we’ll move with greater ease into more advanced poses.  Our afternoon practice will be calming; we’ll work more deeply into poses and slow right down so you leave feeling restored, stretched out and captivated by the power and grace of “Liquid Flow”.

Enjoy nourishing food and learn how take better care of yourself

We’ll be fuelled by light, yet deliciously nourishing food; lunch will be a gorgeous, seasonally-inspired salad bowl and there will be some mood-boosting and cleansing plant-based treats too!  And this is a day for you to learn more about nutrition so you can more confidently take care of your own well-being; I’ll be offering advice on how to balance stress and sex hormones naturally as well as practical tips so you can uncover the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.  I’ll also be gifting you a 3-day menu plan, with recipes, to take you through the whole weekend.  Plus, you’ll take away a bag of “little goodies” so you can continue spoiling yourself!

Emerge feeling reconnected with what makes your heart sing, more in love with your practise and with renewed appreciation of everything around you too!

Event Details & Booking

Time: 9.45am – 4.30pm

Price: £105* (book before 14th December 2018 to get the early-bird ticket price, £89.25)

Spaces are limited to ensure that every one receives enough care and attention so please book tickets early to avoid disappointment; go to “Book Yoga Classes

*Silver, Gold and Platinum members receive 15% discount.