Living through a global pandemic has given us an unprecedented opportunity to pause, reflect, and contemplate the way we live; to assess our work-life, relationships, core values and priorities.

But, as life slowly returns to normal, all our old ways will likely return unless we choose to consciously redirect the way we live, based on what we discovered throughout the many intense months of isolation.

These 5 journaling prompts are intended to help you refine your thoughts so you can move confidently towards your highest potential.

  1. In what area of my life am I ready to have a strong determination?
  2. What am I ready to let go of and what positive habits am I ready to build?
  3. What are my boundaries and how do I protect them?
  4. Which of my actions are self-respecting and which are not? Write 2 lists
  5. People – who am I choosing to take with me, who no longer aligns with my vision for living my best life and who do I need to have a difficult conversation with?

Allow yourself a minimum of 20 minutes for each of these journaling tasks. If no ideas come then leave the task and try again another time.