Weight loss can be tricky for women; especially after childbirth, or in the years approaching menopause, women may find they have gained weight, which they then struggle to shift.  Blood sugar instability, thyroid issues, sex hormones and soaring stress hormones can all contribute.

Another factor to consider is the health of your liver – the greater your toxic load, the harder your liver has to work. An over-worked liver will eventually become less efficient so that clearing toxins takes much longer.  It’s true, the liver is very robust but weight gain can be one of the signs that your liver could do with some support.

This 7 Day Metabolic Reset is designed for women of all ages and will work to address some key causes of metabolic imbalances including:

  • Blood sugar instability
  • Chronic stress
  • History of yo-yo dieting
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Poor gut health/inflammation
  • Toxic overload from chemicals, plastics, cosmetics etc.
  • Sugar, alcohol & caffeine
  • Hormone contraception

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