Valentine’s day does tend to polarise – either you cynically sneer at commercialised romance or you’ve got the pink champagne on ice! Oh wait, perhaps there’s another Valentine’s type – outwardly proclaiming romance is dead whilst secretly wishing for a gazillion red roses to land at the door.  Which one is you?

If I’m honest, I’ve always been a flowers, cards and romantic gestures kinda’ gal (although I’m practical and realise I simply haven’t got enough vases for a gazillion roses!). However, time has shown me that romance really can go nowhere if you don’t nourish the most enduring relationship you’ll ever have – you know this right?  But it can be so tricky to get this one right and many of us worry about being selfish or feel guilty to take time and resources to care for ourselves.  It’s definitely not selfish though, it is simply about “fitting your own oxygen mask before helping others”.

And, the naked truth is, that it’s really a tragic love story if we wait until we’re broken and spent, with nothing more to give.  Instead be your own valentine; rekindle your heart fire and renew your commitment to living your most enlivened life so you can give love most generously.

Need help?  I got ya!  I have a few offers running this month to help you show yourself some love and share it too!

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Starting something new can feel scary so if you have a friend, partner or other family member who could do with some support, they can book in for a free class this month, choosing the “Friend4Free” offer.

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Private yoga sessions are perfect if you want to build your confidence quickly, work on alignment, manage an injury or improve sports performance. More experienced students can benefit too; working 1:1 is a great way to “fast-track” your practice, learn how to structure a home practice or try more challenging poses in a safe environment.  And private session can be even better when you bring a friend or partner along so this month they can come for free.* Book your session here.

* Valid for 90 minute yoga prescriptions until 31st March 2020