This comprehensive gut clearance programme is aimed at anyone suffering from persistent gut health issues including bloating, gastric pain, acid reflux, “irritable bowel” and food sensitivities.  The programme targets unpleasant and seemingly random gut symptoms and offers a comprehensive 6-week protocol ,combining healing foods and supplements, to restore optimum gut health and banish gastro-intestinal symptoms for good.

In addition, as gut health can often be the underlying cause of many other health issues, including acne, eczema, migraine and a range of autoimmune conditions, improving gut health often leads to a reduction in other chronic health issues to restore optimum wellness.

  • Pre-programme consultation
  • Comprehensive health assessment and food diary analysis
  • 14-day guided cleanse & nourish dietary programme – including email support, at-a-glance meal planner, all recipes and “shopping-list” guidance
  • Follow-up personalised nutrition plan with delicious recipes chosen for you
  • Supplement recommendations (if needed)

Investment: £725