You guys already know I’m not that big on dessert, unless, that is, I can eat it for breakfast!  So that is my preferred option with this recipe but you can turn this into an elegant dessert by layering into verrines and serving perfectly chilled.  The quantities are enough for two breakfast servings or four dessert verrines.

180g chestnuts

40g ground almonds

180ml. coconut cream

1 dsp. vanilla essence

2 tsps. ground star anise

3 tbsps. cashew nut butter

5 drops doTERRA wild orange oil

Generous pinch of sea-salt

Walnuts, lightly toasted

2 tbsps. cranberry sauce

Serves 2-4

Roughly blitz the chestnuts in your food processor and then add in all other ingredients except the cranberry sauce. Blend until you have a smooth chestnut cream.

If you are serving this for dessert then spoon alternate layers of chestnut and cranberry sauce into 4 verrines.  Otherwise this quantity will make two generous breakfast servings.  Break the walnuts and scatter over each glass or breakfast dish and serve.