re·treat (n) … a tranquil haven where one can rest and take time to reflect, contemplate and restore.

Reflect & Reconnect
Most of us live lives that spin so fast that all our attention is focussed on doing what needs to be done, leaving little time or energy left for reflection.  This means we can lose our connection with our inner self; losing sight of what makes us tick, what feeds our soul, what we hope for and what our body and mind need in order to stay healthy.  Yoga literally translates as “to yoke” and is often seen as the union between body and mind.  It is this mind/body connection which makes a yoga retreat the perfect opportunity to reconnect and get back in tune with our “inner guru”.

I’ve been on retreats where it has been all about the physical practise and I’ve also experienced the “diva” teachers more in need of adoration than capable of giving – these experiences can leave “hand stand fearing mortals” feeling self-dissatisfied and inadequate rather than enriched!  But, they have helped me see what is really required to facilitate an experience of re-connection.  Drawing also on my experiences as a nutritionist, wellness coach and committed yogi I’ve developed my total rebalance immersion – bringing together the key elements from my successful 12-week programmes to create the perfect opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to being the very best you can be.

My approach is about helping you to honour yourself. Yes, I will guide you to stretch your limits in carefully structured, twice daily, yoga sessions but I’ll also encourage you to connect with nature on guided walks and offer contemplation on compassionate living whilst ensuring you have enough time for personal reflection too.  We’ll feast on nourishing foods and this combination of pure food and conscious movement can also help to reveal deep-seated inner wisdom.


Wherever you are on your journey, beginner or experienced practitioner, stepping onto your mat twice a day for a week can bring incredible transformation to your practice. Furthermore the supportive environment of a retreat, surrounded by like-minded souls, offers the ideal opportunity to contemplate behaviours or beliefs that no longer serve you whilst developing a clearer goal or vision for your future.  If you feel at a crossroads or time of transition in your life, then a retreat can provide you space to gain clarity and determination to find a new direction.  The combination of immersing yourself in yoga in a beautiful, peaceful, setting, surrounded by nature, can be just what you need to reappraise and refocus.


Ultimately, a retreat is a chance to step off “life’s merry-go round” and gift yourself time to re-centre.  This time out can help you find a new perspective or bring to consciousness hidden beliefs that may be limiting or destructive.  Taking care to centre and ground ourselves is not selfish, it is about taking care of our own needs so we can better serve others; this is vital for a fulfilling life and a retreat offers a chance of nurture and self-care so you return home feeling restored and ready to honour the real you – empowered to take a more intuitive approach both on and off your mat!


My retreat vision is not about taking life or yoga too seriously.  Rather I see retreating as an opportunity to spend time at your own “altar” and embrace the opportunity to deepen your practise as well as make new friends to share stories, experiences and laughter with, so that by the end of your week you don’t want to leave but you will go away feeling enriched.  Also, if you love a glass of wine or two or need a “lie in” please be assured that there will be a relaxed approach as I recognise this is your holiday.

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