Client Experience  of Gut Transformation Programme and Yoga for Sport

“I embarked on the gut transformation programme provided by Sarah Kekus through January and February – perfect timing for a health overhaul! My main objectives were to eradicate a common stomach condition known as Helicobacter Pylori and improve my mental and physical health. A further bonus thrown in as part of the package was six of Sarah’s Yoga for Sport sessions.

The first week of the programme was a real shock to the system – no sugar or caffeine! However, Sarah supported me through this by checking in on me each day to see how I was feeling and offered me reassurance and advice to get through the cravings.

I would say organisation and preparation is key to the success of the programme and you must be prepared to adhere to the guidance in order to reap the benefits. Sarah’s shopping lists and meal planners were invaluable – the recipes were easy and delicious and instantly made me feel more energetic and better about myself.

Once the first week was over things just got better and better, the symptoms of my stomach problems – bloating, indigestion and stomach cramps practically disappeared. I really did feel as well as I have for a very long time which in turn motivated me to stick to the plan for the duration of the programme.

I now incorporate learning from this experience into my daily life and prepare Sarah’s gorgeous meals weekly. Whilst I am not as regimental as during the transformation programme, I’ve been able to quickly manage any flare-up of symptoms by following Sarah’s guidelines.

The Yoga for Sport has also been a revelation; it has helped me to feel relaxed as well as energised and has really reduced some of my feelings of anxiety – I had not imagined that practising yoga could have so many health benefits.

The combination of nutritional guidance and yoga has definitely left me feeling more in control of my health and motivated to keep going!