A few weeks ago I took up a challenge to write a letter to my 13 year-old self about winter; it took seconds to write and strong emotions poured out. Here’s what I wrote ….

Winter will pull you down, so look after your health – eat well, prioritise sleep and watch your thoughts. If your mood plummets in the dark days of winter then try to recognise that those negative thoughts, the uncertainty, the “imposter syndrome”, the doubts and the distrust of everyone, EVERYONE, is simply because you are depleted, maybe physically, mentally or both.  When these thoughts come along then answer each one with a simple affirmation: “I’m a little tired now but if I rest these feelings will pass; I am enough.”

And so are you!

Writing is so good for releasing emotions but if you can’t get any words onto paper find someone whose words resonate with you – I’m a total Morgan Harper Nichols fan.