It’s now approximately 30 hours since I had my last double espresso – and I do feel quite rubbish. I would normally have tried to find another adjective but right now, if I do have any brain cells left, they feel like they are free-falling through treacle.

The day started ok – my faithful espresso machine, the one that has served me more than 2000 coffees in the last 3 years, was left switched off at the wall and no doubt wondering why the sudden fall from grace.

I was expecting a headache but felt fine through the morning. However, by early this afternoon I was yawning so much I actually started to feel quite nauseous. I had a client lab report to go through but I just couldn’t concentrate so I decided to roll out my yoga mat and do my practice; normally this is guaranteed to restore energy levels but as I raised my arms they felt heavy and once in down-dog it was an effort to support my body weight. I felt like stopping, almost immediately, but I continued and felt better afterwards.

My concentration improved for a short while but by early this evening I was yawning again and I still am although I don’t have a headache, which I was expecting.

So before I drag myself off to bed I have to admit that the effects of habitual coffee consumption, even just 2 cups, cannot just be dismissed, as I’ve tended to do, with a slightly arrogant assertion that “my body deals well with caffeine”. The truth is all too obvious, my body certainly doesn’t cope quite so well when it has to do without!