It’s so unfair; “Dear One” had a skin-full last night and woke me up several times, once trying to walk through a mirror – not quite so successfully as Alice through the looking glass! Anyway, it was me that woke up with a banging head, despite having had nothing more exotic than water and various shapes of ice-cubes, dispensed from a very swanky fridge. “You’ve got my hangover” he announced grinning through a mouthful of breakfast!

However, after a great walk on the fells I have got to say I feel better than I have felt for a really long time –probably years. In particular, I often get quite a crampy stomach, which I normally put down to needing to eat more frequently, but could it be the coffee? Coffee is highly acidic and is therefore associated with digestive discomfort so perhaps this is reason 5 for cutting back.

It has taken 7 days to really start to feel better but I now feel ready to start the 3-day juice fast tomorrow – so I’m off to savour every mouthful of my last square meal for a few days.