I’m hungry! I couldn’t face the start of my day with no food so I had a pear and added some flaxseeds to my smoothie; this kept me going for well, let’s say an hour! Since then I have been on liquid ONLY – miserable!

Every piece of blending equipment I own has been out of the kitchen cupboards today and, as drinking these damn juices and smoothies is quite quick, I have definitely spent more time washing-up and unpacking my dishwasher than I have spent consuming my allowable nourishment.

Sadly it is only 6.30pm and I’ve had everything I’m allowed for the day – just as well I’m going out as otherwise I think I would be prowling around my kitchen all evening fighting the urge to munch anything in sight.

The sceptical part of my brain says this is pointless and that if we were meant to live on liquid why have we got teeth! However, the rationale behind juice fasting is that juices and smoothies deliver nutrients in a concentrated and easily digestible form, meaning that the burden on your digestive system is reduced, which in turn allows more healing and cleaning to take place.

Anyway, I have not even thought about coffee today, despite making a large cafetiere this morning for some friends who had been staying – maybe I’ve cracked this one? This brings me to reason 6 – coffee can be addictive – you don’t say!

I had to chuckle when I read the following coffee drinking advice from wellness guru Mark Hyman; “Addiction is often an issue with coffee drinkers and makes it really difficult to rely on the body’s natural source of energy. Ask any coffee drinker about how it feels to withdraw from coffee, and you will mistake their story for that of a drug addict’s”!