Yee-ha! I feel amazing. A protein smoothie for breakfast and late morning, beetroot, cucumber, spinach and ginger juice after teaching my lunchtime yoga class, then another protein smoothie late afternoon, before my evening class and then a light soup this evening.

I have felt full of energy and have definitely not craved coffee at all.

Calorie wise, this is not really enough for me so I’m going to have a large glass of almond milk after I’ve posted this – I’m not doing the programme for weight-loss and whilst I haven’t weighed myself today I suspect I may have lost some weight.

But it might not be because of reduced calorie intake. One of the theories behind detoxing prior to trying to lose weight is that fat cells are where we store toxins and so, without detoxification, the body will hold onto the fat so as to avoid these toxins being released into the rest of the body, despite even severe calorie restriction.

Low-grade inflammation, particularly due to something in your diet that doesn’t suit you, can also contribute to bloating and fluid retention which can lead to a misleading reading on the bathroom scales. Therefore, detoxification and the removal of problem foods can both result in achieving better weight lose results.

If weight loss is your goal then reason number 7 to cut down on your coffee is that it can actually increase the amount of fat stored around the abdomen and play havoc with your blood sugar, which in turn can cause you to eat more than you actually need.

Final day of just liquids tomorrow and the finish line is in sight …