I’m just over 48 hours away from starting a serious detox – I know many of you will perhaps question the need for me to do this, as you know I take healthy eating seriously. However, some of you do know that I’m rather too fond of delicious coffee!

I’ve been defending my coffee consumption for years, especially to some of my fellow nutrition students (I miss you guys) who were a “little surprised” at me openly drinking my customary morning double espresso IN CLASS!

And, I frequently tell friends and family in a “no I really don’t have a problem”, kind of way that I’ve got my coffee drinking perfectly under control; it’s just 2 per day (make that 3 if I accidentally end up in the vicinity of the Coffee Kitchen – I mean how does that happen?).

But now it has all got to stop – well for 14 days at least … OMG! The truth is I do get tetchy if my morning coffee is in jeopardy (please don’t ask my husband for the ugly “low-down” on this), and I do get headaches when I go without. So it is time for the denial to stop and for me to face up to this once and for all.

So for the next 2 weeks I’m going to do what I frequently suggest my clients do – I’m going to clean-up. I will be avoiding some of the things that the body finds hardest to deal with including caffeine, gluten, dairy, alcohol, nightshades.

I’m going to blog the experience – not because I really think it will make interesting reading but I feel this might make me more accountable – damn! So watch this space – I’d like to think I’m just 16 days away from being a better person but probably I’m just 2 days away from being a grumpy one!!