21-Day Plant Based Challenge

Interest in plant-based diets has been steadily growing especially their potential to help with chronic health issues, including raised cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.  Plus many claim that ditching meat has helped them to lose weight, gain energy and improve their skin.

But there are some pitfalls to excluding animal protein and staying healthy on a diet of mainly plants requires diligence, persistence and attention to nutritional detail.  Aside from the challenge of obtaining enough protein, it can also be difficult to obtain sufficient essential nutrients, particularly iron, vitamin B12, zinc and omega 3. Deficiency signs can take years to show up; scarily, it is often a slow slide to malnutrition.

Fortified foods and supplements can reduce the risk but if you don’t take care then instead of “boundless energy” you may be left feeling exhausted, weak and prone to infection – I know, I’ve been there!  But there’s plenty of evidence to suggest plant foods should be placed centre-stage. So, whether you want to eat only plants or just more, my Plant-Power Challenge will help you make the shift.  I’ll arm you with nutritional knowledge and culinary inspiration.- sharing what I’ve learnt the hard way so that you don’t have to!

Starting on 8th May, this  21-day supported programme costs £75.00.  Following a consultation, you’ll receive a nutritionally balanced menu planner, a pack of delicious recipes and guidance to ensure you stay on track.  You’ll also be offered advice on food preparation, nutrient requirements, sourcing ingredients and stocking your fridge and cupboards.