• The road to dietary change is rarely smooth or straight! So over the years I have found that the biggest shifts occur when some 1:1 sessions are maintained beyond an initial intensive programme.  Ongoing coaching sessions offer you the flexibility to schedule a little more support - maybe to help stay on track, or to envision new possibilities - and continue working towards your goals at your own pace.  These sessions will offer you a chance to make iterative refinements to your approach as well as providing you with ongoing guidance and encouragement. You will receive :
    • A 60-minute 1:1 coaching session
    • A reassessment  of your treatment plan and health goals
    • 1 month's access to my membership platform
  • You should allow 60 minutes for your Catalyst call and during this time Sarah will offer you an overview of her understanding of your health concerns and will give you some thoughts on dietary and lifestyle approaches that would best support you.  Laboratory testing and supplement recommendations may also be discussed. During the call you are welcome to ask Sarah as many questions as you like and discuss your specific concerns, however the Catalyst Call is a "stand-alone" hour and does not include any in-depth appraisal of your health-history and neither will you receive a treatment plan with detailed guidance.  If you are looking for this support you should book an initial consultation.


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