• This change coaching programme is a “deep-dive” into your relationship with food and your body as well as the lifestyle choices affecting your wellbeing.  Through supportive, yet sometimes challenging coaching my aim is to unravel the “why” behind the way you eat and care for yourself so as to better understand patterns or behaviours you are struggling with.  As the change process takes time, this package includes an initial consultation and 2 follow-up sessions, which I recommend scheduling fortnightly to give you 6 weeks of support – this is the time it often takes to break old habits and form new ones!
  • Evolve – 360 Mentoring

    £85.00 / month with a 7-day free trial and a £5.00 sign-up fee
    To be truly well, and consistently show up as our best self is all about mindset.  When we are  invested in giving this life our very best, we’ll commit to the requisite behaviours – eating the food that makes us feel good, choosing a lifestyle that supports us in every way, prioritising self-care practices, which strengthen mind/body connections and seeking out spiritual nourishment that facilitates a deeper sense of personal fulfilment.  Yoga & Lifestyle mentoring is a “first-stage” self-alignment programme for women who know, deep in their hearts that their life can be richer but who feel trapped by a multitude of complex psycho-physical factors that can drive poor lifestyle choices, caffeine and/or alcohol dependence, body confidence issues and an unhappy relationship with food! This is for you if you’re ready to make a complete lifestyle shift and immerse yourself in a consistent approach to self-care practices, education and continued growth.  My work is to offer you new insights for what's possible and help you shift your perception so you can move beyond feeling stuck - especially If you feel like your self-belief has got lost in hustle!  Together we'll devise a new framework to move you forward and allow you to shine. This is a 3-month programme designed to guide you back to yourself.
  • This 3-month programme will suit women suffering from the effects of chronic stress - including symptoms of hormone imbalance and gastro-intestinal disturbance. The programme also works extremely well for women suffering from:
    • PMS, painful or heavy periods and PCOS
    • Peri-menopause or menopause symptoms
    • Anxiety or feelings of overwhelm
    • Sleep disruption and/or insomnia
    • Sugar/alcohol craving or reliance on stimulants
    • No “mojo” – e.g. low energy, libido, mood
  • The road to dietary change is rarely smooth or straight! So over the years I have found that most people require a follow-up, or two, to embed changes and work steadily towards longer term health goals.  This package includes two, hour-long sessions, which you can schedule to suit your own pace of working.
  • This comprehensive gut clearance programme is aimed at anyone suffering from persistent gut health issues including bloating, gastric pain, acid reflux, food sensitivities and “irritable bowel” symptoms such as frequent diarrhoea.  Targeting unpleasant and seemingly random gut symptoms, this programme offers a “root and branch” approach to restoring optimum gut health.  In addition, as gut health can often be the underlying cause of many other health issues, including skin problems, migraine, fatigue and a range of autoimmune conditions, improving gut health frequently improves many other health concerns.
  • Next Programme Starts Spring 2022 I created this programme for women of any age who want to seize control of their own health destiny, and commit to improving their wellbeing.  I’ll help you envision the best version of yourself, offer steps to creating positive change and show you how you can courageously reclaim your femininity instead of cursing being female!  Working in a supportive group you will learn dietary, lifestyle and self-care practices to improve your immediate and long-term health.  You’ll have the chance to ask your own questions, hear the experiences of other women and realise you do not need to suffer in silence.  I’ll be with you throughout, sharing my knowledge, personal experiences and self-care practises as well as explaining how hormone imbalance can play havoc with our entire life. The 6-week programme includes:
    • Initial 1:1 consultation, food-diary & health assessment
    • Dietary guidelines, meal planner with recipes & “shopping-list”
    • Treatment plan, including lifestyle & broader wellness advice
    • Six live webinars – full of learning, Q&As, motivation & support
    • Unlimited access to my yoga mentorship platform


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