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  • The Practice Circle

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    Practice Circles & Gatherings for Women

    As we continue to navigate uncertain times, these monthly circles are an invitation to drop IN ... Through the autumn and winter we meet on the first Saturday of the month at and in the summer months we will continue to meet bi-monthly for yoga and hiking days. Both summer and winter we will begin at Eaglesfield Village Hall.
    Summer Yoga & Hiking Gatherings:
    These will begin at Eaglesfield Village Hall, where we will meet for a beautiful long yoga flow practice of around 90 -120 minutes.  We will then head to the fells - each hike will be planned to suit those who wish to join.  The hikes will go ahead in all but the most extreme weather so you should always come prepared for rain, wind, hail and SUNBURN! The next Yoga & Hiking gathering is on Saturday 14th May.
    Autumn/Winter Gatherings
    These gatherings offers you the chance to "check out" of your busy schedule and take a morning for yourself.  The sessions will all begin the same; we’ll find our breath as we take time to open our bodies.  You’ll then be led through wave after wave of expanding movement, drawn gracefully through fluid flows towards deeper poses whilst cultivating peaceful ease. As well as kindling your physical practice these sessions are also about tending the heart fire and deepening self knowledge - we'll explore intentional outcomes and themes through prose, poetry, music and journaling. Throughout the autumn & winter of 2021/22 we considered the following themes:
    1. How to find the right path? - how self honesty paves the way to a stronger sense of purpose and fulfilment
    2. Leaning-in to disappointment, anger and sadness as teachers
    3. The Mountain is you/me – understanding how we get in "our own way"!
    4. Identifying the factors that have shaped how we think about ourselves
    5. Re-wiring self-beliefs, mastering the inner critic, learning a new language of self-talk so we can "unblock" ourselves and move forward more boldly
    After practice you’ll be invited to stay for tisanes and “morsels” of nourishment. Oh, and every month you’ll receive a little gift from me – a thank you for all I know you will bring.   Hear what they say: "Thank you for running another excellent Practice Circle yesterday - I really enjoyed the yoga practice and felt privileged to be in the company of such fantastic women. The discussion flowed so well and hearing about the experiences of other women is something I find very helpful in so many ways -  I really hope this is the case for everyone else too. It feels like a very safe place to speak freely and discuss ideas about navigating this life as women. It's wonderful!"
  • This intensive 3 day event is open to climbers of varying abilities and the main aim is to help you get more out of your climbing.  Over three days we’ll look at refining movement patterns, mastering route reading and offering you practical tactics for when the going gets tougher and/or steeper!  And then there’s the yoga, the super-power that all climbers need!  You’ll learn breath techniques to help you stay calm, “drills” to build strength and yoga flows to improve balance, flexibility and proprioception. We’ll be basing ourselves at Kendal Wall and  Nab Cottage, overlooking Rydal Water in the south lakes, which offers cosy accommodation and delicious, healthy meals.  There’s a hot tub too and a beautiful space for yoga in a converted barn. This is a chance to connect with like-minded folk and receive expert coaching so you can head into the winter months with clear goals, strategies, and enthusiasm to accelerate your climbing performance.
    To book, please select the start date of 1st November from the booking calendar below and then press "Book Now"
  • A celebration full of mid-summer energy, circular flows and fun peak poses – encouraging you to express your full potential. Finding a playful spirit in our flow, we will renew our commitment to self-care at this half-way point of the year as we move through a practice woven with poetry and set to a backdrop of  uplifting music. When: 6pm, Monday 21st June 2021 Where: My Zoom Room to Yours Note: This event is FREE for anyone who is part of my  Inspire, Evolve or Elevate Mentorship programmes.
  • In-person Studio class. Come join me for a very special welcome back session on Tuesday 18th May @ 6pm Find your feet, reconnect with your yoga buddies and let the chatter, yoga and happy, happy vibes flow. You can expect a very warm welcome, after far too long apart! Truly, I cannot wait to be back and see real faces again .... Covid-19 Mitigation Conditions for Attending Yoga Classes Please view and familiarise yourself with the Special conditions for in person classes document before booking on any in-person studio yoga sessions. Before making any bookings, please ensure you have read and accept the Booking terms and conditions
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    How can you personalise your practice, each and every day, so you have something that totally works for you, week in, week out? In this workshop I'll be sharing my very personal approach towards my daily practice and offering you guidance on how you can build your home practice.  Starting with the Ashtanga Vinyasa method, which I've based my own personal practice on for many years, I'll be taking you through short forms and mini-sequences that you can build to suit your mood and the needs of your body. When: Monday 26th April 2021 @ 6pm, Zoom Room
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    Advancing your practice starts with strong foundations and so this detail-rich workshop begins with a comprehensive refresh of key alignment principles.  We will then look at transitions and more seamless integration of breath with movement.  The last part of this workshop will offer a chance to workshop some more advanced poses and I'll be offering step-by-step guidance of how to approach and or improve in some key poses. When: Monday 19th April 2021 @ 6pm, Zoom Room
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    Creating headspace has never felt so elusive, but it only takes a few baby steps to begin the process.  And, in this workshop I'll help you get started. Weaving small "question marks" through a thoughtful flow practice I will guide you towards gentle self-enquiry and contemplation.  Moreover, I'll show you tools for building headspace into your own life, day by day. When: Monday 12th April 2021 @ 6pm, Zoom Room
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    This 5 week course is suitable for all levels but aimed at anyone really wanting to commit to a total “kick ass” programme for mind and body!
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    This 5 week course is aimed at those who have been away from their mat or practicing sporadically.  The programme is designed to rebuild confidence and fitness whilst also inspiring a more sincere enquiry of what it means to be a yogi.
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    Yoga Bootcamp

    My 5-week Yoga Bootcamp elevates core and upper body sculpting by incorporating weights to build more strength.  Whether you have a regular yoga practice or you are simply looking to build more upper body strength this class offers the perfect blend of yoga flow and fitness.  Strength and cardio elements are seamlessly integrated to create a powerful 75-minute workout that will challenge you but leave you feeling energised and uplifted. Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/mSShaxVBVaY  
  • I believe that every woman deserves to live in harmony with her own body … But sadly so many suffer from the effects of chaotic hormones; monthly cycles from hell, creeping weight gain, low energy, low mood  and, as a result, low self-esteem! This is why I’ve created my Rebalance Programme, which not only helps women to change their relationship with food and make healthier lifestyle choices but also to change the way they think and view their identity so they can reconnect with their beautiful, feminine energy. I’ll be sharing practical advice on getting off the “hormone roller-coaster” for good and, when you sign up for the workshop you’ll also receive my 7-day Metabolic Reset plan to help you start making changes immediately.

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