As part of The Health Architect’s third birthday celebrations, I’ll be posting a three-themed yoga pose on my Facebook page each week through October; why not add these to your home workout?

Let’s start with Trikonasana. It is easy to underestimate this pose especially as hamstring tightness can affect alignment, making it difficult to progress. For this reason I recommend starting off using a deep block (or two!) and keeping your gaze down until you build confidence. Work on rotating the torso, reaching sideways to keep the torso on a more vertical plan and maintaining an even breath. If you find that your torso is leaning over your mat and your derriere is sticking out then work on a more upright version of the pose until your hamstring flexibility improves.

  • Step feet approximately “leg-length” apart with back foot at 90 degree angle to front foot, front heel in line with arch of back foot.
  • With right leg forward raise your arms out at shoulder height
  • As you exhale, reach forward with right arm, drawing away from your right hip socket.
  • As you continue to reach your left hip rises and the right hip drops down and you should move your tail-bone towards your left heel and reach down with your right hand to grab your big toe.
  • Reach your left arm up towards ceiling
  • Turn your torso so that left shoulder aligns above