The Yoga Refine & Play workshop was an intimate development session held on 16th April 2019 for dedicated yoga students looking to get more from their practice and gain confidence with more detailed asana.

Starting with a refresh of the fundamentals of flow we then looked at the importance of “rock-solid” foundations – whether in standing poses or balancing on your arms! Then we looked at some alignment refinements before playing with some fun poses.

Fundamental to developing a more advanced practice is knowing how to balance effort with ease through observing the clear signals our body sends us during asana practice so this workshop also included tips on how to improve your “inner listening”.

As well as guidance and hands-on assists from me, students also benefited from the support and amity that comes from practising with a smaller group of like-minded yogi souls.

I’ll be running some more of these sessions, so watch this space!  In the meantime you can watch the short video produced by Mélodie Herbas, who attended the event ….