What is Journaling?

Essentially this is a process of writing down your thoughts and feelings. There is often an element of crafting or playing with words until they express what you are feeling and then arranging these words into poetry or prose. Journaling can help our mental, emotional and spiritual state, especially as once we start expressing our thoughts in our journal we often start to understand our feelings more clearly. By identifying any negative thoughts and cultivating a positive mindset we can carve out a very different approach for ourselves; one that is guided more by gratitude and compassion.  Plus, I’ve found that writing down my “stuff” has really helped me to develop a much deeper understanding of myself.

Getting started, as with anything, is often the hardest part of journaling, which is why I’ve decided to offer up some prompts:

I am

Today/Yesterday I

True faith


“I’ve always believed ….”

“In the last year I’ve found …”

Reality is ever changing

I am in a hurry to ….

I feel calm here

Perfectionism helps me ….

I’m working on

How can I embrace ….


You could also try writing your life history in just 500 words – can you distil your true essence onto just one page?