Less than 18 months ago the United Nations accepted the Indian Prime Minister’s proposal to declare the 21st June, International Yoga Day. The proposal received 175 co-sponsors and has been adopted faster than any other such proposal in the UN. There has been widespread support for the event and last year celebrations took place across the globe, highlighting a growing acknowledgement of the benefits of yoga and recognition of the need for sustainable health and wellbeing improvements.  To mark this special event here, in Cumbria, I will be hosting a special celebration flow on Tuesday 21st June.

The summer solstice is celebrated as the annual acme of the earth’s journey around the sun but we will begin by contemplating our own annual journey and how we can shine more brightly to be the best version of ourselves. I will guide you through steady yet playful sequencing of Sun Salutations and standing poses that will build in strength and call upon your inner warrior!

This is a free event but as places are limited you will need to book a place.

Where:  Eaglesfield Village Hall

When:    Tuesday 21st June 7pm – 8.15pm.

Who:      Suitable for all levels, including beginners